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Test Step Integration to JIRA feature enhancement request


I love the ability to customize the JIRA integration but the test result integration into JIRA is very difficult to read and follow. Below is a sample snippet. This shows test step, expected result, actual result, test case status. A developer would not know what this means by just looking at it because there aren’t any labels. Could this be cleaned up so it is more readable.

Test Results

  1. Login

    User logged in Successfully

    Logged in

  2. Click OK

    Pretty Bird Text Appears

    no text appeard




Thanks for your posting. We recommend using the new JIRA integration/add-ons in addition to the Push feature and this makes it very easy to see all step and result details directly in JIRA (in a structured way):

Have you already had the chance to take a look at the JIRA add-ons?



Yes. My copy paste is what the push integration looks like with JIRA.


Yes, I understand. I was just curious if you’ve already had the chance to try out the new JIRA integration via our JIRA add-ons (introduced with TR 5.0). This will show any test results (including steps and attachments) directly in JIRA in a structured way and is in addition to/independent of the Push feature. The following blog article summarizes the new JIRA related features:

I’m happy to help in case you have any questions.



Yes. I have and am using the JIRA integration. This however does nothing when you are trying to log a bug for a failed test case. The feature i am asking for is to improve the push integration for test results. The way the integration works today it is pretty useless. You have to remember development typically is not going to review test cases. It needs to be simple and easy to read. You guys are almost there on the JIRA integration just need some more tweaks.



Thanks for your feedback! It’s difficult to render a structured field in a regular text box but I understand that the steps are a bit difficult to read, especially with many steps. We will make sure to look into this for a future version, thanks again!