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Test Status: Passed with exception


Is there a possibility to add a Test Status to the current default test statuses?

The reason I ask is when a test fails by a minor error, that is difficult and/or expensive to fix, I would like to change the Test Status from “Failed” to “Passed with exception”.


In administration>customisation just create a new custom status of Pass With Exception and mark at Final status so it’s counted against the test progress.


Thanks, this solves my problem.



Hi Hjalti,

Thanks for your posting! It’s usually recommend to use the same Passed status in this case (as this will contribute to the overall status of the run/plan/milestone) and you can simply add a new custom field to the Add Test Result dialog to indicate the exception property. You can also use a custom status if you prefer this (and this makes it easier to filter/search for this tests, for example).