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Test Script Version Control


Can a test script be version controlled, e.g A test script may be run against a project at the beginning of the test cycle, the test is later re-run during later software version with the same project however changes are required to the script.

We would want to know which version of the script was run.
If this is not specifically possible can a test script be copied and named with a different version?



Thanks for your posting. Test cases are automatically version controlled when you use the close feature for test runs & plans (via the lock icon in the toolbar when you view a test run/plan). Closing a test run/plan will effectively create copies of the test cases behind the scenes. Changes to the test suites & cases won’t propagate to closed test runs/plans, making this feature ideal for versioning purposes. If you need a more explicit approach to managing versions, you can looking into creating explicit copies of the test suites (via the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog in the toolbar of a test suite) but this isn’t usually required.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.