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Test Runs & Results pie chart bug ?!


Here is what i do:

  1. create a new test suite with let’s say 4 test cases

  2. create a new test run, select the previously created sutie as input
    -> test run contains of 4 test cases

  3. update the created test suite and add lets’s say another 4 test cases (im my case I import them via csv)
    -> the test run now contains 8 test cases (as I have selected to add all test cases from the suite) BUT the pie chart still shows only 4 test cases. this is until the one of test cases gets a status update - the pie chart then gets updated to.


Hi Spacefrog,

Thanks for your post! This sounds like it’s a browser caching issue, as I wasn’t able to replicate this issue in a test environment. The pie chart should update automatically after adding new test cases to the test case repository as long as you have the ‘Include all test cases’ selected. Can you try clearing your browser cache (or testing in a different browser temporarily), to see if you still run into an issue with this?



Hi Marco!
I cannot reproduce it either…
Strange…we saw this on 2 PCs and 2 different browsers