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Test Runs Not Appearing in a User's Todo List


Good morning,

Can anyone reproduce the following bug?

Test runs which are assigned to a user after they are created do not appear in the user’s Todo list:

  1. Add a test run
  2. Add a test suite to the test run
  3. Save the test run
  4. Go back into the test run and assign it to a user
  5. The test run does not appear in the user’s Todo list

However, following these steps the test run does appear in the user’s Todo list:

  1. Add a test run
  2. Add a test suite to the test run
  3. Assign the test run to a user
  4. Save the test run
  5. The test run does appear in the user’s Todo list


Testrail info:

TestRail version (up-to-date)
Built on 05/04/2011
Database version 72


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your posting. This is actually the intended behavior but I understand that this is a bit confusing at the moment and we will look into clarifying this in the UI. TestRail doesn’t change the assignment of existing tests when you edit the plan. The Assign To field is only used for new test runs that get added when you e.g. select additional configurations.

We don’t re-assign existing tests as you might have already assigned tests or sections to other users in the meantime. When you then add an unrelated new suite to the plan, you wouldn’t want TestRail to reset all your test assignments.

I suggest assigning the tests directly from the test run page and as I mentioned, we will look into making this clearer.



Ah, OK, I understand.

Thanks for clearing that up.


I too have been caught out by this feature. It seems unintuitive for the interface to allow you to reassign the configuration to a new user but for that (deliberate) act to not actually do anything. The test manager sees the configuration assigned to a user but the user does not!

I have found a work-around is to re-assign the configuration, disable the configuration and save the test plan. Then enable the configuration and save the test plan again. This provides the desired action of re-assigning a configuration to a different user.

Performing a mass assignment adds a comment to the test run which may be advantageous for version tracking but adds a comment to each test run which may be undesirable.

May I suggest as a temporary solution for uninformed users (like me) that reassignment of a configuration is accompanied with a popup dialog which warns the user that the test runs will not actually be reassigned but also informing the user that disabling the configuration, saving the plan and then enabling the configuration will re-assign the runs? (I don’t know whether that is simpler than offering the option to re-assign the existing runs which might be better / preferred behaviour.)


Hello Brian,

Thanks for your feedback on this. I agree that this is not obvious and we would like to look into this again for a future version. I’m not sure if displaying an info/confirmation popup dialog is the best solution for this though (even temporarily). That said, I’ve reopened this issue again for now and we will look into this again as mentioned.