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[Test Runs] Drag and drop the order of test cases


Is there any way to drag and drop the priority in which test cases are run for a test run?


Hi Dave - we don’t support drag and drop in test runs currently, but have you tried using the Priority field instead?

Checkout the video here if you need some more information:



Thanks for the reply - I’ll have a look into organising by priority. I wonder if we’re not using test runs correctly? I would have thought this would have been an issue for everyone.

Could it be that our test cases are too granular and that’s what’s causing them to be reliant on an order?

Do test runs typically have a “Start point”?

Many thanks,


This thread may be of interest:

People have been asking GuRock for the ability to custom-order test cases in a Test Run for 4 years. No luck so far.


Thanks so much for the link! - a huge relief I’m not alone but still crazy that nothing has been done to fix this by the development team.

Perhaps it’s time to look for an alternative testing platform…



I would assume it is more of an issue for large projects. We have a number of smaller projects and we extensively use Sections/Subsections by functionality and when creating a run they are not so large that it is pretty easy to tell what things need to be done first.

If I need to test functionality in a specific order then I will add the order in the title and mention the order in the project Description.


Hello Dave,

Thank you for the post! I wanted to add a few details for clarification in case you hadn’t seen Simon’s most recent posts in the previously mentioned thread.

The re-ordering of entities (e.g. tests in test runs / plans, projects, etc) generally is something we’ll be looking at for TestRail 7.0 alongside core test management workflow enhancements. This is definitely on the to-do list, we just have some higher priority features to deliver first. We’re aiming to have TestRail 6.0 out by the end of Sept 2018. TestRail 7.0 should follow early to mid-2019. Simon will also be sharing the current roadmap in our webinar tomorrow. Please feel free to join us!

I hope this helps!