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Test Runs display - a bit confusing


In the Project Overview there is a summary of Latest Test Runs and in the Test Runs & Results
there is of course a summary of all my test runs.

Let me explain why I (or possibly other users) might find it confusing:
On my project I currently organized my test cases in 5 Test Suites. The test cases that get executed more frequently is in my ‘ABC Payment’ (sake of this example) test suite. I ran some test cases twice last week and some test cases this morning.

Now when I look at the Test Runs & Results page I see
ABC Payment
By {name} on Date

of passed etc

ABC Payment
By {name} on Date

of passed etc

this is the confusing part. Because the test cases is so tight to the test suite, is there a way to better represent what test cases were actually executed on those test suite within having to drill down to each test suite?


Hi Roy,

Thanks for the feedback. If you are executing the same suite multiple times (e.g. with a different set of included test cases), you can also change the name of the test run. For example, if you are testing different parts of your ABC Payment test suite, you could assign different names to the runs (such as “Validate Invoices” and “Test CreditCard Validation”).

Please also note that you can close test runs. So once you are done with a test run, it can be closed to archive it. Closed test runs are displayed separately on the Test Runs page so you can easily see which run is active and which is not.

That said, it is likely that we will add additional reporting capabilities to TestRail that make it easier to exactly see how/when test cases were executed. We plan to incorporate something like a matrix report at some point that shows the cases/runs history at-a-glance.