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Test Runs Across Multiple Projects


We have been actively using TestRail for over a year. Our teams have projects setup by app, which include extensive lists of test cases.

We are working on a few enterprise-wide initiatives that require us to pull test plans from multiple projects. Currently we are copying test cases from multiple projects into a new project for that particular initiative. However, this is getting messy to manage and administer. For instance, if a tester updates the test case, they have to remember to copy the updated version back to all other projects where that test case resides.

We would love to see this functionality improved. Here are a few thoughts:

  1. We would like the ability to create a Test Run that pulls from multiple projects.

  2. Alternatively, it would be great to have one master test case that you could then link to other projects. The link would be a read only version of the master test case, except you could log test results to it. If the master test case steps or attributes were updated, all of the links would be updated as well.

Is this on your feature roadmap? We would love to see it there!

If you have other suggestions on how to handle this, I would love to hear them.

Thank you!


Hi @edean,

Thanks for your posting. In some situations it can make sense to use a single TestRail project if you would share/copy many test cases across projects otherwise and this is much more flexible when it comes to creating reports or runs/plans for the entire case repository. There are additional ways inside a project to structure testing/test execution (e.g. via milestones and sub-milestones/iterations/sprints), and also for versioning cases if needed (baselines):