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Test Runs - Ability to create a defect regardless of tester


We have automation set up to create test runs and then review the failures manually. Unless I am logged in as the automated tester, I cannot create a defect for the test.

Any user should be able to push a defect to JIRA for a failed test cases, regardless of which user failed the test.



Thanks for your posting. Only the same user can edit test results, but you can simply add a new test result (with the same status) and then push/add a new defect for this result.



That does not work. As part of automation we push needed information like error codes that come back from the API into the comment field. We want to take that information and push to the JIRA defect.

And adding another test result is inaccurate as we did not test twice.

TestRail really needs to be able to support any user being able to push a defect. I do not see any security risk with that. Only allowing the tester to push the defect limits teams with automation in place.


Thanks for the additional details! That you cannot modify other test results is by design but I understand that this can still be useful in some situations (such as yours) and it’s already planned to look into this. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request. I can recommend using the approach of adding a new test result in the meantime.

I hope this helps!




I struggle with the exact same problem.
Would be great, if this would be possible.


Thanks for your feedback, Daniel!



I think I have asked for this feature in the past also, but I am happy to weigh in here also.

Our problem is also with our automated tests that are not run by a “person” but under the automation account. When the triage teams root cause the failure and create a bug, they currently have to log into a second window under the automation account to add the bug information associated with that run. We also do not like to add another run as it only messes up our run information and we still would have failed runs that do not have bugs associated with them.

One approach that could work for us is an API that allows us to add the bug information. This is functionality available through the GUI that is not available through the API.


Hello Bill,

Thanks for your feedback, I’m happy to add another vote. You can also submit the bug information via the API in the same way as via the UI and you can use the ‘defects’ field for this: