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Test Run Test Status; Request for Additional Status or Customization


We’d like a test status of “Blocked” (rather than or in addition to “Retest”). We are tending to create Test Plans composed of a Run of Suites of Test Cases for a specific Test Milestone which corresponds to a weekly or bi-weekly build schedule. When a test fails that impacts our ability to test subsequent or dependent functionality we’d like to mark those blocked. In reality, we’d seldom “patch” or do an interim build during the test run where “Retest” would tend to get used in our environment. I’d rather just mark the tests “Blocked” without implying either a “Fail” or “Retest”.


Thanks for the suggestion. Allowing test status customizations is currently not planned but I can certainly see how this additional test status (and a few others maybe as well) would come in handy. We will think about that (and about supporting customizations) and I added it to our feature request list, thanks!