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Test run suite level assignement

I would imagine this has been discussed before but as a user, I would like to be able to assign an entire suite of tests to a user and be able to see that from the list view. As it stands right now I have to dive into the suite to see this.

I think we just need a little more control. Suite level assignment and one level down (test case) assignment would be perfect. This is very useful when building regression suites that are platform agnostic and you want to leverage the “configurations” feature build out suites for each platform you want to test.

Hi there,

Thanks for the post and the feedback! Can you give me a little more information about your suggestion and the use case for assigning test suites and cases to users? Would this mean each full suite or test case would be assigned to that use by default when a new test run is created? Within TestRail currently, test suites and cases are user agnostic until they are added to a run or plan, which will allow you to assign a default user for each run (and you can group runs by assigned users) and then you can assign each test within a run or plan as needed.

If you can give me a little more detail about what specifically you’re wanting to see I’ll be happy to pass your feedback along to the development team for consideration in future updates.

Sure and sorry for the delay in response. I got busy and kept pushing this down my list. Basically when you are adding a test suite to a test plan. That test suite you can filter out the type of test you want and even break that out by “configuration”. It is a way we’ve structured things give what I’ve learned about the product by usage and by research. The challenge with doing it this way is from a high level is via the test plan view I cannot see who is assigned a suite. I have to assign each test and drill into the suite. See the attached example.

Your screen shot is small and needs more of the screen to clearly know where it came from - it does not match my Test Plan view since mine has a line under each config - but it does match a section of the Todo page.

So what follows might be wrong due to confusion:

I suspect you will find the workflow to change assignments after the Test Plan is created is tedious as I think what you are describing is the only way possible.

Even the API fails in this area.

I have been asking TR to add ability to this area for ~ 3 years with only ‘we have added your request to our list’ or ‘we have added to the existing request’

For examples look for previous topic with assignment keyword.

I think TR’s response to this issue limits the product size of a project that can be managed in it. Once Cases and Tests become large changing the most basic attribute of a Test as the assignment becomes prohibitive thru the GUI and can’t even be done in the API.

If your example is from the Todo page wait till you try finding what Plans/Entity/Run are the Tests contained in that are listed in the TODO page as ‘unassigned’. One has to open EVERY Plan and Run. Frustration.

Currently one of my TR projects has 4000 unassigned test cases but every Run listed shows 0 unassigned. 4000 is not hard to find, mostly likely in a single Milestone. But when it is 42 and you have 40 Test Plans with many Runs due to configs the time it waste really lowers the ROI of TR. Also there is no report one can generate to find them either.

Here is one of my topics from 3 years ago with TR’s bad logic for this. Even after I point out how it is poor logic they do not address this.

And here is one of the topics I commented on about lack of ability to change assignments without drilling down over and over in the GUI:

(To be clear I have taken the time to answer in depth to help, but also to shame TR a bit. I hope the more people see the frustration of some of their design they will take a bit of pride and fix this. Still waiting.)


Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and frustrations. You are correct to make assignment changes isn’t great and sorry for the lack of information in the screen shot. Hopefully, this newer screenshot is a little better to get an understanding of what I was trying to articulate.

It should be simple to assign an entire test suite from a test plan to a person.