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Test run results in external applications


I’m not certain that this is a feature request or a plaintive cry for help, but I’m wondering if there is a way to handle this, or maybe I am missing something in the documentation.

My situation is this. We use TestRail for managing our testing, JIRA for issue tracking and planning, and Confluence as our wiki/doc repository. During our release cycles we run a series of regression test runs against a release build, and the JIRA integration with TestRail has been great for filing issues during those runs. But there are several groups who have an interest in the progress through the regression runs, which are a combination of manual and automated tests, and not all of them have access to TestRail. What I would like to do is utilize a release’s info page on Confluence and have the Flash status objects from each test run displayed as on the Confluence page, similar to a gadget.




Thanks for your request. Glad to hear that you found the Jira push defect integration useful. It’s not directly possible to include any of TestRail’s charts in Confluence, so you would need to query the statistics directly from TestRail’s database and render a graph or show the statistics in Confluence yourself. This would work similar to building a custom report in TestRail:

We do plan to update TestRail’s charts in a future update and we will also consider adding support for Confluence at some point to make sharing such statistics easier.



Thanks, Dennis, appreciate the reply!



we have exactly the same requirement. Any news on this?

We would suggest to create a Jira-Plugin or Gadget to show a customized test report directly in the Jira-Dashboard - together with the other Gadgets from Jira-Agile e.g.


Hello Thomas,

Thanks for your feedback on this. We currently don’t have any updates regarding this feature request but it’s still on our list of things to look into (and I’ve just added another vote). Jira is one of the most popular integration tools among our customer base and we have plans to offer additional integration options for issue trackers (especially for Jira).



Dear TestRail Team,

We have been seeing great progress within our organization when combining Testrail and Jira+Confluence. However, the missing piece seems to be the glue that would present test results straight in confluence to truly make it a transparent, information based supersystem.

I strongly want to +1 this feature request as with the new confluence 5.7 containing roadmapping and inline comments It’s becoming more evident than ever that the whole development lifeclycle from yearly roadmap planning down to linking single Jira story bugs can (and should!) be done in Confluence. As TestRail is invaluable to our (and many others) testing organization, making these two software work together would help put testing at the very forefront of software development right besides the requirements.

Winterly greetings from Finland.



Would also vote on this features :slight_smile:


Hi Max, Daniel,

Thanks for your feedback on this, that’s really appreciated. Also great to hear that you enjoy working with TestRail and JIRA/Confluence! (Further) Improved integration with the Atlassian tools (mostly JIRA) is high on our todo list and we also think that many customers would benefit from this. It’s planned to look into this for one of the versions after the next one.



This will surely be very good feature to have. I would also like to vote for this.

Having one consolidated view of the release would be great.


Hello Meenu,

Thanks for your feedback! This was added for JIRA, Confluence and other applications last year with TestRail’s 5.0 release. Here’s a good introduction for JIRA:

For Confluence and other applications, you can use TestRail’s generic dashboard integration which lets you integrate select pages/frames with other applications:

I hope this helps!



For the purpose of clarification: Does the new release allow display of a specific test result in confluence? For example if I have a confluence page with a table listing requirements, can I tie each row to a specific test run and display the corresponding test result?



Hi Satish,

Thanks for your reply! Currently, the Confluence dashboards integration would only include bringing in a full dashboard into Confluence, and you wouldn’t be able to include specific data/links within your tables. That said, you can generate reports (e.g. such as the Comparison for References report for your requirements) and these would be displayed on the dashboard. Hope this helps!