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Test Run Reports for Added/Removed Test Cases

Hi Everyone,

Is there a report available that would allow me to see when test cases are added or removed from an active test run?


Hey Danni!

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! The “Activity Summary” report would show test cases that have been added and you can customize this a bit - such as daily, weekly, etc. However, there’s currently not a report that would show deleted cases, as once a test case is deleted, all tables in the database for said case are removed so there’s nothing left for the report to reference. If it helps, we do have an audit log feature that we’ve added to TestRail Enterprise which records changes and this tracks if a case is deleted specifically within your TestRail instance. You can learn more about our Enterprise offering here:

Additionally, we do have an internal request to explore adding additional email notifications, such as when a case is deleted. While I cannot provide a timeline as to when this would be implemented, I’ve added your vote to the feature request to help prioritize this accordingly.