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Test Run/Plan - Search Tool


Is there an option to search a test case by any word/sentence in any field and then add them to a Test Run?
The search tool in the upper part does exactly that, but then there isn’t any functionality of adding them to a test run or create a new one.
On the other hand, when creating a new test run/plan, the test cases can be searched only by specific fields.

Thank you


Not current functionality…


Thank you. Is this feature planned?


I don’t know - not sure I have ever seen anyone request this functionality.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your feedback! Currently it would only be possible to create test runs via filters (and you would need to choose which fields to search or include in the filter directly from the case selection dialog). That said, we do have plans to improve the search feature overall in the future, and I’ve added this as a feature request internally. We’re happy to review for a future update. Hope this helps!