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Test Run Milestones within a Project Milestone



When I have a number of test Runs attached to a project e.g IST, UAT and Regression. Is there a way to set milestones for each of these test phases within the project.


Project Milestone: 1st April 2015
IST Milestone: 3rd March
UAT Milestone: 10th March
Regression Milestone: 1st April

each phase within the project can then be tracked independently against the overall project milestone.

Thanks for your help,



Hello Stuart,

You can create milestones on the Milestones tab and then associate these milestones with test runs or plans (just edit the test run/plan and use their Milestone field). Is that what you are looking for? I can also recommend the training video about milestones:



Ignore the previous comment please. I figured it out - we have to start the parent milestone first and then we are able to start submilestones as well.


Hi bln,

Thanks for the update! Glad you were able to get it working.