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Test Run Link to User Story


Is There a clean way to link a Test Run or a Milestone to a user story using the jira Integration.
I am currently having to copy links into the user story description which is messy.

Additionally I do not want to have to tag all the test runs or milestones cases to that ticket.

For an integration of this type, it would be hugely useful to be able to see the graphical interpretation of the current test results for the Test run from the test rail user story.





Thank you for the post. Normally test cases / tests are linked to defects in JIRA. Since entire stories are normally made up of smaller tickets / features / etc., they share a 1:1 relationship with TestRail test cases and tests. The TestRail for JIRA Test Management addon in JIRA gives you a much better view via JIRA what is linked to what.

TestRail also has several coverage reports related to defects that you can run within TestRail.


Hi Marty,

For the purpose of using test case results to provide evidence against jira tickets, this 1:1 mapping is perfectly suited. However we are not using jira for the store of our requirements documents. We do use the Jira integration add-on and we benefit from the already implemented features.

The process becomes slightly more clunky because we use wiki pages to store our functional requirements for products and these are linked to a single user story ticket in jira. We then map a milestone in test rail to these user story jira tickets and we would like to see a high level view of the results from the jira ticket.

The Test rail results as they appear from a 1:1 relationship does not provide the graphical views given by the test run and milestone view which ideally we would like to see from the jira ticket.

Is there any incentive to support this, or is there a clearer way of showing the milestone result view from the jira ticket?
I understand i may just be using the product in an unintended way. Also this is not blocking our usage or testrail it would however be a much cleaner solution as everything is viewable from the single jira user story ticket without having to use a hyperlink to the milestone.


Hi there,

Thank you for the extra context. I would recommend perhaps using the description field of your Milestone to add links to those JIRA stories that match with your Milestones. TestRail supports markdown in these fields so you could manually format these links which would give allow you to include those.