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Test Results: Difference between Push, Add options


I have configured Jira with TestRail.
When adding test results, we have two options related to defects: ‘Push’ and ‘Add’

What are the differences between these two options???


The difference I’ve seen is:

‘Push’: When using this option, the information of test case is used to report bug and without leaving TestRail.

‘Add’ : When using this option, the create issue page related to Jira is opened, thus leaving test rail.


Hello Vijaya,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, you are correct, the Add link allows you to jump to Jira’s New Issue form, whereas the Push feature allows you to directly push a bug report from TestRail to Jira without leaving TestRail. The Push feature can also directly insert the created the issue ID to link the test result to Jira.

I hope this helps.



Hello Dennis,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.

As you said , the push feature is creating a link between the test case and bug in Jira.
I guess ‘Add’ option, does not do this?



when you create a bug report via the Add link (or want to link an existing issue ID with a test result), you would just manually enter the issue ID in the Defects field. This would have the same effect and would link the test result to the Jira issue then. You can use both the Push and Add integration options side-by-side (e.g. when you need to access the full Jira interface you would use the Add link and otherwise the Push feature), or you could disable the Add link by removing the URL from the configuration settings.



Hi Testrail,

This functionality can also be used in appactiv (



Hello Luvim!

The Add/View functionality works with almost all web-based issue trackers or requirements tools (even some non web-based tools are supported) and you only need to configure a URL to add and view cases (under Administration > Integration):

The Push integration requires a plugin in TestRail and this supports a dozen of different issue and requirements trackers. You can find the full list on the Administration > Integration page as part of the Defect Plugin dropdown. APPACTIV is currently not part of this list but we are happy to add this to our feature request list.



Hi Tobias,

This is the clarification I want.
At least I know for now Appactiv is not one of the supported 3rd party.

Hopefully in the next release it will be. :smile:



Hi Luvim,

Thanks for your reply! You should already be able to set up the basic Add/View integration in the meantime and this would only require basic Add & View URLs (which almost all web-based tools support).