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Test Result Statuses


Is there a way to add/rename result statuses to the list of possible test results?



Hello Mike,

it’s not currently possible to add custom status values, but we are considering allowing you to rename a few additional custom values in the future. The reason that it’s not currently possible to add custom values is that TestRail uses these values for reporting and other statistics. However, you could of course define another Substatus dropdown custom field or Failure Reason field or similar so testers can select the reason for why a test failed (or passed).



Sounds good. A few of our testers like the N/A result that our current test management system uses. If I could add a custom status or have that N/A status it would make a few people here happy!

Thanks again!


I’d love to see a custom status option in the future. We use Pass, Fail, In Progress, and Omit in our current chart system. This works well for us, as sometimes our test cases involve other groups (hence the In Progress) or the final shape of the release changes (hence the Omit).


Hi Matt,

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I agree that this would be useful and we will add this eventually. It’s certainly one of the more requested features and it’s on our list.