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Test Result States


I can see that there are 4 result for the states… Pass, Fail, Retest, Untested… Is it possible to add to these states through the database or something similar? We would like to have a state in between Pass and Fail… like “Pass with Problems” or something similar like that.



It’s currently not possible to add another test state (this is only possible for case types and priorities). This would also be a bit problematic since the different test states have specific meanings (e.g., the statistics are based on these values and other things).

I guess you are trying to remember tests that had some issues without marking the entire test failed? I’m not sure if this would be the best way to accomplish this. A test should either be passed or failed, as this clearly communicates the state of the test to all team members. Would one of the following actions be better suited?

]Mark the test passed and add a note to the test result[/]
]Or additionally add a case to your bug tracker and add the bug id to TestRail[/]
]Mark the test failed until you fixed the issues. After you fixed it, either retest it directly or mark the the test Retest to get back to it later[/*]