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Test Result format for a Test Run


For a test run, I usually get multiple builds and not all tests could be executed based on features made available in the build. As I am testing, I would like to see a test run view like following:




Hi Ajay,

For your example I would first recommend using different test runs for each build. You can easily replicate the run by using the “Rerun” button found near the top right menu.

From there consider that untested is a default status, but you can also add another status as well for further clarification such as “not applicable”. That way you know which tests have been reviewed and doesn’t apply as compared to just known that no testing has been done.

Using the Comparison for Cases report and defining which test runs to include. It would be possible to schedule a report that is nearly identical to the example image.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!