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Test result fail to upload to Testrail


Hi all, I am trying to upload my results from Jenkins to Testrail and I am using testrail-plugin to do so.

The log that I see in Jenkins is as follows: (test suite and test case names have been changed here)

12:18:26 Test Cases:
12:18:26 TS: TC1
12:18:26 TS: TC2
12:18:26 TS: TC3
12:18:26 Munging test result files.
12:18:26 Scanning /tmp/hudson2559590030253805102tmp
12:18:26 processing hudson2559590030253805102tmp
12:18:26 Uploading results to TestRail.
12:18:26 Failed to add results to TestRail.
12:18:26 status: 400
12:18:26 body :
12:18:26 {“error”:“Field :results cannot be empty (one result is required)”}
12:18:26 Build step ‘Notify TestRail’ marked build as failure
12:18:26 Finished: FAILURE

The results file is being found and the TC name’s are correct and identical; not sure what is going wrong here. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.


Hi Yasaswi,

Thanks for your posting. We don’t have experience with this custom plugin but it appears that it submits an empty list of results to TestRail (and TestRail responds with the Field :results cannot be empty (one result is required) message). I would recommend reviewing your setup and how the cases/results are mapped to the API call.