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Test Reports: show test steps (with actual results) detail


I would like to be able to generate a custom report showing not only the run status of each of my tests, but also the test steps in each test with the ‘Actual Results’ shown. In this way, recipients of the custom report can see not only the title and headline summary of the tests, but also the detailed results.

Is this currently possible (I don’t think so, but will ask anyway in case :slight_smile: ) …and if not, could this be added as a feature request?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Frank,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, this is already possible and you can use the print reports/views to generate such reports. Just click on the printer icon (when you view a milestone/plan/run) and switch to Details mode. TestRail will then generate a detailed report including test steps and everything else. You can then print this view to a PDF or similar, for example, using the browser print features.

I hope this helps!




We have the details results but we don"t have satistics about steps result like test results.
So do you know how to have graphics about steps results ?

How to have graphics about steps results

Hi Aurélie,

Thanks for your posting. The overall test status would be based on step results/statuses so the overall statistics would reflect/be a summary of the steps if you will. There are no charts or statistics on the step level (“only” the list of results/step per test) but the overall charts/statistics would also include the steps (again, as the overall status per test is based on this).



When you say “the overall charts/statistics would also include the steps”, how on reports we can see the step level ?


Hi Aurélie,

I just meant that the step results would usually form the basis for the overall result/status of the test, so the step statuses would indirectly be included in the overall statistics of the run/plan/milestone as well. It’s not directly possible to report on just the steps as a built-in feature but it would be possible to use the CSV/XML exports to create such a report outside of TestRail (e.g. with Excel or a small script).



Hi there,

Is it possible to generate the detailed report including test steps, comments etc for just the test cases that failed?




Hi Kammie,

Thanks for your posting. You can create detailed reports with all steps, comments etc. via the print views. Just click on the printer icon when viewing a milestone/plan or run and switch to Details. Please note that this would currently include all tests & results (not just the failed tests).



Dear Gurock,

For our customer I would like to generate a report, incl. steps but without the complete history (assign, retest, etc.)
Only the latest result, including a screenshot (if available) and including the steps taken.

Is this possible?


Hi Elkan,

The print views are usually used in this case but they contain all results/assignments etc. (including all steps, screenshots etc. but also the full result history). There’s currently no report that includes only the last result. If this is a critical feature for you, you can look into generating your own reports outside of TestRail and you can use the CSV or XML exports in this case to get the data from TestRail.



I want to create a report only on failed test cases and in that report i want details of test case such as comments, image or defects.

I created report of failed test cases but that report only shows failed test cases with status only.

Any suggestion on this?



Hi Mandeep,

Thanks for your reply! The reports under the Reports tab wouldn’t support including the test comments and other details such as attachments as this wouldn’t usually work well with the report format currently. You can use the Print reports (the printer icon in the top toolbar of the test run view page) to generate a report that includes comments and other field details, however this isn’t filterable based on just a certain test status. You might want to look into using the built-in XML/CSV export methods and just further customizing the exports using e.g. Excel or similar to get the type of report that you need (as you can include specific fields/columns in the exports).

Hope this helps!




We have the exact same concern : detailed report will last execution status. Is it possible to plan as enhancement request for future release ?