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Test Rails slow to respond in Google Chrome


I use chrome on and off. I was doing some testing in TestRails in chrome and it seems to sporadically take 5-20 seconds to do simple tasks (sometimes longer). Specifically it seems to happen mostly when you’re editing things. (Editing test cases, editing names etc.)

At first I thought it was our sql server, but after running through the same thing during off hours, I figured I’d switch to IE and give it a try. I’ve been using IE for 3 days and don’t seem to be noticing any problems.



Thanks for reporting this problem. We noticed similar problems with Chrome in the first beta and have changed the caching behavior of TestRail with version 1.0.2 which fixed the issues. Which version do you use exactly (the version can be found on the admin overview or the about dialog)? Also, which version of Chrome do you use? Thanks!



TestRail v1.0.2.9536 Beta
Google Chrome v3.0.195.27

I haven’t used chrome for in Test Rails this week, so I’ll try it again.


Thanks a lot, since you are using the latest version, it looks like there are still a few issues with Chrome then. We will look into it!