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Test Rail - Test Case Management tool

Hi, I haven’t tried test rail but used Zephyr as test case management tool. Looking at some discussion, there is also another plug in called test management. I am looking for a test tool that will give me the following:

  • test case creation and traceability matrix (link of requirement to test case, defect etc)
  • test execution reporting (I think Zephyr is very poor on this aspect)
  • overall manual test case management.


Hi Joan,

Thank you for posting! We have customers switching from Zephyr to TestRail regularly. Most of our customers are using TestRail together with Jira and we have many small and large teams using the integration. While some teams also try a few of the available Jira plugins, many teams end up migrating to another tool because the available Jira plugins are very limited. TestRail combines full test management capabilities and a rich native JIRA add-on integration. We have many teams migrating from basic JIRA add-ons and from other test management tools to TestRail every week specifically because of this unique combination. You can learn more about our rich JIRA integration here:

TestRail comes with a wide variety of built-in reports (including traceabilitiy reports and test execution reports) that are easily customizable for various data sets via the report options. TestRail is project agnostic and works well with all types of testing and we have many teams using TestRail for both manual and automated testing.

Starting a trial only takes 1 minute and this is by far the best way to see TestRail in action and understand the various benefits and features. You can start a trial here (we recommend the TestRail Cloud trial for the first tests, as you can start using TestRail immediately then without installing anything):

I hope this helps!


Hi John,

Many thanks for your help.

We are hoping to purchase Test Rail and JIRA as soon as possible.

We are currently looking at excel spreadsheet to store our user stories, while awaiting JIRA/Test Rail to be purchased, installed and configure.

Does test rail have an upload functionality?

I know other test case management, will allow user to put their test cases in spreadsheet(at certain format) then it can be uploaded later.

Would you know if JIRA/Test Rail has this feature?

Thank you again.



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Hi Joan,

Thanks for the update! Yes - it is possible for you to import your existing test cases into TestRail. The easiest and best method to import your test cases would be to use the CSV import wizard. The CSV import wizard is very flexible and intuitive, allowing you to map your CSV columns/fields to TestRail’s fields easily during the import. There isn’t a specific column template/format required for the import wizard, so you would just need to make sure your test cases are saved as a CSV file, and you can then import them into TestRail from there. You can learn more about the import process on our website here:

I hope this helps!