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Test Rail Report Metrics / Pesticide Paradox report



I am trying to generate some percentage metrics of how many times a specific test case has either passed, failed or became N/a. I have tried to use the reports feature, but can never get exactly what I want.
I am trying to improve my teams testing efficiency by removing or trim down test cases which have never failed over the past 6-12 months, and put more focus on the ones which have failed the highest % of runs it has been through, i want to check through all my Milestrones and Test Runs?


Hi Dean,

Thanks for your post! The ‘Status Tops’ report under the Reports tab was designed to show this data, as you would see how many times a specific status has been submit for any given test case (and a percentage in relation to the total number of runs). You can also choose to filter this to just e.g. Blocked/Failed statuses if needed. So you can configure this to include just the test runs for the past e.g. 2 months, and this would be the most accurate representation of this. Hope this helps!