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Test Rail randomly re-assigning scripts in Test Run?


We are in the middle of an active test release, and within our test runs, Test Rail seems to be randomly re-assigning all the scripts in the run to the first user alphabetically! If you look at the activity history, there is no indication that the script was re-assigned, however it shows up as assigned to this other tester…which makes me think that one of my testers did not do it (because re-assignments show up in the activity history), but that Test Rail might be doing something unexpected in the back-end.

Help! I’ve had to re-do assignments 3 times now because of this. Is this an issue you have seen before?


Hello Sonia,

Thanks for your posting. We will contact you via email in a moment so we can help troubleshoot this for your account.



We had this occur recently too. It turned out that one of our testers was looking at a Test Run and attempted to filter test cases that were assigned to him.

Instead of using the Filter list though, he clicked the “Assign To” -> “Assign all in filter” button, and selected the “Me” option.

I believe the issue only occurs if using the “Assign all in filter” option.


Hello all,

We can confirm the behavior of not adding an entry to the result history if using “Assign To” -> “Assign all in filter” on the test run page. This will be addressed with the next TestRail version (4.1) which will be available shortly.