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Test Rail for Jira Data Center

Hi All,

I saw in Jira marketplace, Test Rail is not ready for Data Center.
Is it possible to integrate Test Rail into Jira Data Center?


Hello Chrishanditya,

Thank you for the post! We can confirm that TestRail is compatible with Data Center and no changes are needed for the TestRail add-on, as it is not affected by the clustering which JIRA Data Center offers. The process involved to become Data Center certified can be a considerable task which is not at the top of our priority list right now.

Previously, a vendor could self-certify. Upon adding an app listing to the marketplace, a vendor could check a box to confirm they had tested in a multi-node environment which would add the Data Center compatible tag to their marketplace listing. This is no longer the case, as Atlassian must now certify all Data Center apps. While we do have plans to become Data Center certified, we are currently spending our development energy to provide additional TestRail features. As such, we are unable to give a specific timeline for when the app will be Data Center certified.

That said, we do already have clients who are using TestRail and JIRA Data Center together and you will still be able to manually install the add-on in Jira with no issues.

I hope this helps!


Hi John,

Thanks for your information.
Can you share, How to setting Integration between Jira Data Center and Test Rail properly?