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Test rail api returns not all test runs

Hi forum !

I’ve noticed that api method get_runs returns not all test runs. For example latest number of test run from API is 26765. But if I go to test rail - latest test run has number 32857. What might be the reason of that ? And in general, after I collected all test runs by api - total count was 497, but in real life test rail says that total count is 422.

Could someone advise the possible reason of such behavior ?

My mistake - collected number of test runs by api was 397. So it’s less than test rail shows on UI.

Any thoughts, guys ?

For full transparency, we have addressed this concern via an email ticket. The issue appears to be usage of both runs and plans, which will return differently when queried through the API (test plans, and runs included in plans, are not included via the get_runs API method, leading to the discrepancy).

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