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Test Rail API for User Groups


Test Rail API Users object does not have any attributes associating with Groups. The only fields to show are

email string The email address of the user as configured in TestRail
id int The unique ID of the user
is_active bool True if the user is active and false otherwise
name string The full name of the user

Can you tell me where I can get the Group id’s, Group name’s and then associate the users to the Group.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your posting. The API does not include group related information currently but you can find the users per group, and available groups on the Administration > Users & Roles page.



Tobias, really? UI does not show us who is in a group. Look at my example, no one is checked:


I would expect to see the users in my group and a control to add or remove users from the group.

Also, the fact the API does not join a user with their group id should be piece of cake to release in next cycle. Please help this community to 1) build API to give us group id and group, 2) change the UI to show who is in the group, not list all the users in the repository.


On my companies install - the Group listing has a checkbox checked for any user in the Group - only ones who do not have a check are the Admins. Adding a user in is as simple as checking the checkbox you see in your screenshot.

What happens when you click on a checkbox for a user?


Thanks, point is I have 181 users in my repository, which 60 are inactive, the Group box shows all 181 users an I have to scroll mindless thru the list. I also cannot export the ‘active’ users assigned to the group from the UI. Neither can I use API to extract Group and join with user for custom report. Does that make sense?


Apparently I missed the point of the above from your post - my bad sorry.


Hi, would like to have this functionality too in the API as this would make managing users easier.

Thank you for your support.