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Test Plans setup with multiple Test Suites


In TestRail, we have setup a project that has multiple Test Suites. We currently have our Test Plans setup to run two test suites (one titled “basic” and one titled “custom”). Using this setup, for each Test Plan, we selected a number of sections under the “basic” Test Suite and a number of sections under the “custom” Test Suite. Each Test Plan doesn’t require ALL tests to be run from the Test Suite – we selected only the Test Cases/sections that are relevant to that Test Plan.

However, we have run into an issue when maintaining these Test Plans.

Question: When we add a new Test Case into the Test Suite “basic”, the new Test Case does not show up in the Test Plan. Is there a way to do this without selecting all the Tests from the entire Test Suite?


Hello David,

Thanks for your posting. Tests/test cases are only automatically included in test runs with the “Include all test cases” option enabled. So, this is not the case when you use a custom selection and there is currently no option to change this behavior unfortunately. There is a workaround for this but this isn’t necessarily a workflow I would recommend:

a) Add a custom status "Ignored"
b) Always use the “Include all test cases” option for test runs
c) Mark those tests as “Ignored” that you don’t want to test (instead of ignoring them in the case selection)

This isn’t optimal especially if you only want to test a small sub-set of test cases per suite and we will think about ways to make this easier. That said, the request is a bit unusual as you wouldn’t normally want new tests/test cases added automatically to test runs with a custom selection.



It would be a nice feature to “Include sections” rather than “Include Test Cases” for the Test Plans. TestRail has been a really easy to work in. thanks!


Thanks for your feedback, David. Yes, this is something we would like to look into in the future as well and this may even be part of a redesign of the test suite/run pages.



Hi guys, sorry to resurrect an old thread, but just wondering if you thought about introducing the feature above. Specifically, including sections of Test Suites in a Test Run, therefore any tests added to that Suite’s Section, automatically get added to the Run as well.