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Test Plans and categories


Hi all,

I recently revisited the tutorial/s on test plans and creating categories. Not having access to the latest veriosn 4.2 and only on 4.0.3, I was wondering if you can make the categories a ‘template’ across all test plans? or per project basis?

Is this feasible? I will continue to look through the forum on some customisation ideas (as I am not a developer).

Thanks in advance :blush:



Thanks for your posting. Could you provide a few more details on what you are trying to accomplish. Do you mean folders/sections with categories? Or configurations, for example?



Hi there,

The way I see this working (in my head), is when adding a Test Plan and then the test run, you can set up your configuration where groups and categories can be added… normal procedure (from the video tutorial).

Is there a means in where one can set the configuration and re use it through out all the projects held within TestRail; instead of creating the same thing time and time again?


Thanks for the additional details! Configurations are currently linked to a single project but you can simply re-add the configurations to your other projects as needed (the configurations can be different for each project). It’s also planned to look into sharing and copying configurations between projects and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks!



This would definitely help. However, adding API to update is still the biggest need.


Hello Jeffrey,

Thanks for your feedback! I assume you mean an API to add/modify configurations for a project, is this correct (so, add_config, delete_config, update_config, for example)?



Exactly! With about 25 different Projects and and our software supported on multiple platforms, with multiple App Servers, JVMs, DB Repositories, etc, this is impossible to manually maintain.


Thanks, Jeffrey! We will make sure to review this again.