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Test plan templates



Is there a possibility of a feature being added to enable test plan templates to be created. Currently we have multiple test suites that form part of a larger software piece, it would be ideal to be able to create a test plan template for a defined regression plan.

The only similar way to do this now is to re run a test plan that has already been executed. These can easily get lost if they aren’t categorized separately as they will be pushed down the run list.



Thanks for your posting. There are currently no separate templates in addition to the re-run feature. You can either use the Rerun button when viewing an active or closed test plan or use the Rerun Test Plan button on the add test plan form. One option to implement templates would be to create a regular test plan (e.g. with no test results), close it and then remember the ID/URL for this test plan somewhere else (e.g. in a wiki or project description in TestRail). Every time you would need to create a new test plan, you would simply go to the test plan and use the Rerun button.