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Test Plan - Select Cases Window - How to search for cases?


In the ‘Test Plan -> Edit Test Plan -> Select Cases’ window, there are many options to select cases by:

  • selecting all cases
  • select none of the cases
  • using a filter on custom fields, estimates, forecasts, milestones, owner, etc. and then updating the selection

Is there a way to search for existing cases in that window and then select them afterwards?

For example

  • a suite that has 7000 cases
  • create a test plan that looks for 10 of those test cases (with Owner ‘A’)
  • later on, revise that test plan so that it retains those 10 test cases, but also add another 50 test cases (based solely on test case id); how do I find those easily and not tamper with the existing 10 cases?

Thanks in advance,
Garry Y.


Hello Garry,

Thanks for your posting. If your only property to search for is the test case ID, you would need to search for the test cases manually (on the left) and add them to the selection. On the other hand, if you can use the filter on the right, you can add test cases to the selection by keeping the current selection using the new Add To Selection feature (available since TestRail 3.1):