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Test Plan reports based on Configurations


Hi All,

I"m currently setting up my TestRail environment and wanted to test the Reporting features. This TR configuration will rely heavily on Configurations in order to generate Test Runs.

A common question I will be asked is how a particular device tested or how a combination of devices tested together. Using Configurations, TR makes it easy to ensure I’m testing all devices in every combination but I don’t see how I can generate a specific report on these now many Test Runs based on the Configurations.

An example of a report request would be: All Test Runs that only the iPhone 6 was used; the iPhone 6 being the configuration which generated the Test Runs.

Or: All Test Runs that used the iPhone 6 on HP Laptops. The iPhone 6 and the HP Laptops are separate configurations which generated the Test Runs.

How is this accomplished?



Hi Bill,

Thanks for your posting! Most test run/result related reports allow to select the test runs to include (the “scope” of the report). This includes the Summary > Runs or Results > Comparison for Cases report, for example. The summary report would show an aggregate overview for all included runs and the comparison report a side-by-side comparison and test coverage across all runs:



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the reply.

I did find the option to select certain Test Runs but it does not easily allow me to find & select a particular Configuration or combination of thereof. I’ve created and executed 16 Test Run today using 4 different mobile devices and 4 different workstations and I’m just getting started. I could have hundreds of Test Runs to choose from in 2 week’s time and always be adding more. I could easily miss a Configuration while scrolling through the list.

If my supervisor wants the results of a particular Configuration(s), I need to generate that report quickly.

Is there a simple way to do that?


Hi Bill,

Thanks for your reply. There’s currently no configuration filter for test runs so you would need to manually select the test runs on the Select Test Runs dialog. One option is to use the browser search to find all possible matches and then select/check/include those test runs.