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Test Plan re-run via API (python)


we have below requirement :slight_smile:

  1. Once a test suite is triggered in jenkins, we need to re-run a specific test-plan
  2. As soon as test (cases) are executed (in jenkins), we will update the status as pass/fail etc in test-run.

I am looking for an API for (1) above.


Hi @falconRocket,
unfortunately there is no rerun endpoint yet.
But you can simply combine get_run with add_run, if you mean to create a new test tun based on the former one to prepare the same cases for execution like before.


Hi @falconRocket,

A new script has been added to our public GitHub repo which will rerun a single test run (using Python). The script will accept a status ID filter as well so you can rerun only tests which failed, passed, weren’t tested, etc.

You can find that script here.

Hope this helps,

Yes, it certainly gave me a direction.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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