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Test Plan being treated as a Test Run


I am evaluating TestRail as a potential replacement for our current test management tool and have been using a trial copy. Trying to understand test plan functionality. I created a Test Run with two tests in it and then created a test plan and added this test run to it. TestRail seems to just count this Test Plan as another test run and shows that I have four test executions. What am I missing here?


Do you mean you added the test suite to the test plan? It looks like you’ve created a test run and then the test plan has created a separate test run based on the test suite you’ve added, so four test cases in total. :slight_smile:


I have not created any test suites. Just two test cases, created a test run with those two and then defined a test plan with the test run


Hi there,

Thank you for the post. When creating a test run, it is really meant to be stand alone. When using test plans, you would create the test plan first and then create test runs under that test plan. I would recommend taking a look at our documentation that goes over plans and runs. You can find this here:



Thanks for your quick reply. I did read all the documentation, and it is not specified that you need to create a test plan first and then new test runs under that. In fact, when you first define a test plan, the screen (attached) directs you to “Please add test runs to this plan from the sidebar” and this added the existing test plan automatically. I was not given the option to create a new test run under the plan. There is also no indication on this page to add tests suites (maybe because I had not defined any test suites yet?)



I was re-watching the video on test plans just now, and confirmed that the screen in the video is different than what I got below. In the video, when you click on Add Test Plan, the options in the sidebar are: Add Test Suite and Rerun Test Plan. That makes sense. Adding an existing test run to a test plan does not make sense given your explanation and should not be an option on the Add Test Plan screen.



Yes, you’re right. It should probably give an option like create test run, rather than add test run.


Hi there,

Thank you for your post and information. When creating a test plan, we give you the option to ‘add’ a test run to the plan which makes sense but we can see where this may cause some confusion. We would be happy to take a look at this however.