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Test Plan Active the moment its created - Query


When you create a test plan, it by default becomes active.

Should it not be inactive by default, and to run the Test plan the user would have to select “Run”?

Once ran, the option “Rerun” would then appear.

Many thanks,



Hello David,

when you create a new test run, it’s active by default/design. As long as the test run is active, users can add test results to it and changes to linked test cases are reflected in the test run. Once you are done with executing the test run, you can close it. When a test run is closed, TestRail will automatically clone all assigned test case details internally, so that future test case changes don’t influence closed runs. Closing a run is basically a way to archive it.

The Rerun button could probably also be titled Clone, as it merely allows you to start a new run with the same options (such as the selected test cases to include), regardless of if a run is active or not.

I hope this clarifies how the test run status works.



Thanks Dennis. This makes sense to me. Happy for the clarification.