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Test Organization


I am new to the test rail product and am looking the best way to configure the Projects, Test Plan, and Test Suites in the best possible scenario

Ex Scenario:

Product suite that includes a native mobile app for iOS and Android, and a web app that reply on middle tier team changes, etc.

Let’s say I have 4 customers. All have some customizations but generally the base product is the same.

I want to test across the platforms and middle tier as well as keep track of each individual customer’s progress.

Any suggestions are appreciative



Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend using a single TestRail project in this case. You could either look into using a single test suite (one case repository) or use multiple test suites (e.g. one for your web app and one for the mobile app). A single test suite is usually preferred as this is the most flexible option:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)

Customizations per customer can be managed in separate sections inside the case repository. You can then easily create test runs & plans and change the case selection per customer. To test against different platforms, I can recommend TestRail’s configuration and test plan features:



Thank you!

I assume with this approach, each customer ends up being a test plan. Is that correct?


A test plan would usually be used for a specific customer build/testing phase/release or similar, or alternatively if you are releasing the project to all customers at once, you could include the runs for all customers in a single plan.