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Test Number Sequence



Just a quickie. We’ve only been using TestRail for a couple of months, and we only have, say around a 500 tests in runs, however we’re finding that our Test IDs (i.e. the ‘t’ number) are already around 12,000

I believe this is because that whenever you assign a Suite to a Run, it makes an association in the Tests table for EVERY Case in that Suite, even if you were just going to actually select only 3 of them to test.

Which is fine, but I’m just a bit concerned that in a year’s time, our ‘t’ numbers are going to be in the trillions and they will be completely unusable for referencing and talking about.

Is this intentional? Are we doing something wrong?



Hello Bryan,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, this is the case and TestRail adds a new test for each test case of the related test suite when you add a new test run. The reason for this is that the test case selection can change over time and TestRail doesn’t need to insert/delete related tests every time the selection changes (it just sets an is_selected bit). There are several reasons why we do this (faster, easier to manage, etc.). We usually recommend using the built-in features (assignments, todos, reports, etc.) of TestRail when “talking” about tests, defects, etc. and large T numbers aren’t an issue then.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!