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Test data and including it in a new testrun


I’m a new member on this community. I’ve recently started a trial with TestRail as a possible Test management tool for our company.

I really like TestRail a lot, but what I do miss in this tool is the ability to add testdata to test cases or to test runs.
It would be a great feature to have the ability to add testdata or test data set into a newly created testcase, and when making a testrun and including this particular case, having that test data included the testcase that is running.
I’ve been checking out test tools and there are some test tools which give you the opportunity to add test data using certain parameters (PractiTest for instance), and when running the test, those parameters will be replaced by the data you included for that parameter. As a tester, you then can perfectly execute the test case with the necessary data already included in your execution steps.

For now i’ve just added an extra custom field in which we include the test data, but when posting results, this field isn’t copied into the screen. When posting results for long test cases, this will result into going back and forth between the testcases and the result screen. It’s not very practical to work in this way.

Is this something where you are working on already and if so, when would we be able to expect to see this feature coming out? And if not, can you suggest more practical ways of working with testdata on testruns with Testrail?

Welcome to the forums…

Our QA group adds specific test data on each step or in the preconditions for the test case. During the test the tester can copy/paste the data.

Thanks @BGanger for your reply.

I’m interest to know if this is a feature TestRail will be working on in the future.


Hi Wouter,

Thanks for your feedback. We do have an open feature request for the same and I would be happy to add your vote to it.

In the meantime, if possible, could you please check out these related posts and see if the workarounds can help you in any way -

I hope, this helps !


Thanks @shanu.mandot!

Thanks for the extra info.

I’m really interested in this feature, please add my vote to it.