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Test coverage report


Is there a way to obtain test coverage reports?



Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no dedicated report for the test coverage but this point is already on our feature request list and part of our ongoing effort to further improve/extend the reporting features of TestRail. That said, it would be possible to write a custom report in the meantime:

We are happy to help in case you have any questions about this, of course.



Vichu, if you manage to create such a report, I’d be interesting in seeing your results. We too have the same requirement on our side as a stop-gap measure against requirement traceability.



Hi Tobias,

Is there any update on this feature request ? It would be a great report to have that can give us for a milestone the percentage equivalent of (Tests Executed/Total Tests). We already have good metrics for the pass/fail/untested etc but are missing this dedicated report. Also the link to the custom report above is not working.

Thoughts on how to get this info at this time ?


Hi @enthusiast,

Thanks for your posting. This topic is quite old and TestRail now comes with lots of built-in reports, also for this purpose. For tests executed/total, I would recommend reviewing the Progress pages and summary reports: