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Test Cases sequence on a test run


Just want to ask 2 questions with regards to Test Run management in TestRail

  1. Is there a way for me to manage test cases in a test run per execution needs? For an end to end integration testing, there are some instances that test cases are executed a couple of times in one full run. For example I need to run TestCase001 > TestCase0002 > TestCase003 and then back to TestCase001 and proceed to TestCase 004 > TestCase005 and then TestCase001 again. Does TestRail could handle this type of structure?

  2. I want to arrange my testcases in a test run per appearance or use however. Is there a way to re-arrange or sort testcase freely like dragging or dropping tests in a run to manage the sequence?

Scenarios that I need for Integration testing comes from different sections - that is jumping from one section to another or sometimes going back to the previous section.

The main goal for both questions is to run tests on a sequence that I want based on a specific integration workflow. Is it possible?


People have been asking for this for years. I’m pretty sure I saw a thread where people were asking for it in 2012. I want to add a + as many as possible for implementing this. It seems like pretty core functionality and I would have recommended not getting test rail if I had known you couldn’t do this before my organization selected it.