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Test cases selection view in a test run



With TestRail 4.0, the view to select test cases in a test run is displayed by section and sub-section.
Is there a way to see all the test cases of the suite selected for the run without having to expand each section and sub-section?




Hello Stephanie,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, you can use the “all” view mode to display all test cases/sections at once:

(it’s the first option)

You can increase the number of test cases being displayed in the administration area under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface. Please note that we recommend using the compact or subgroups view modes for larger test suites though.



Hi Tobias

Actually, the restriction I mentioned is in the test cases selection for a test run.
And I cannot find any way of displaying all the test cases at once.




Sounds like you’re referring to the same thing as my #2 point here: Is that correct?


Yes, that’s exactly the issue I mentioned, thanks.
Do you know which TestRail release will have that feature?


Ah okay, thanks for the clarification.

We changed the Select Cases dialog a bit so that it scales better for larger test suites. It’s planned to review this behavior for a future version but we currently don’t have any possible release dates at this point.