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Test Cases in Run not showing

I’ve created several Test Plans containing runs, now the next day I see the plan and I can see how many cases are in it by hovering over the Pie chart. However, the runs/suites are empty? When I open the run it tells me there aren’t any tests in this test run (didn’t even know this was possible).
When I then Proceed to Edit and Save the plan (only add or change the Description field) the runs once again show untested cases and when I open the run I can see them again? Also, after having clicked ‘Edit’ in the Test Plan I see the runs do contain cases but clicking Cancel once again shows me a plan with empty runs. I have to change something in order for the runs to be populated again…
I’ve created the runs/suites using a Dynamic filter


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I’ve been in contact with Gurock support and this appears to be a known issue and they are working on a fix:
"This is caused by a bug which is being handled by our development team and it is still an ongoing investigation on what is causing the issue. The only alternative is to Edit the Test Plan and save the changes so everything will go back to normal. Rest assured this is being set to high priority and our team will release a fix as soon as possible. "

We have been waiting for this issue to be fix from over two months now, do we have any ETA for it?

@ppatel have you reported this through support too? I have and the request ID is 319061
Sure do hope this gets fixed soon as it is a really annoying bug!

Yes we have. Due to this few of our teams are not ready to migrate to testrail.

Even we saw the same issue from Schenider India.

We are having a slightly similar issue except we have the test case count but when opening the the test run, test cases are not displayed. It just says “loading” in the webpage.

@ppatel @pratap @jepfvelasco

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your reports and sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this issue. This bug is still in development / testing phase. However, once it is fixed, we will provide an update here.


Hello @shanu.mandot ,

Do we have any update on this issue yet?



Hey Parag,

This issue is fixed but not live yet and is planned to be available in upcoming releases.
Stay tuned for more updates on this.


@shanu.mandot I see version 6.7.1 has been released but it is unclear from the release notes if this issue has also been resolved in the release. Could you please clarify? Thank you.