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Test cases disappeared from test run after update test run's description from API


I have created a standalone test run with a few test cases from different suites. I am currently writing a script that updates the description of the test run through Testrail API (using update_run and add modification to the ‘description’ field). I can see that the description of the test run was updated successfully. However, I also noticed that after updates, all the test cases disappeared from the test run. Is there a way to preserve the test cases in the test run and at the same time allow me to update the test run’s description from API?

I also have a follow-up question. According to I can see that case_ids is an array that can be added to a test run (using update_run API). Why wasn’t it one of the field that can be retrieved using get_run API as well?


Sorry, but I cannot help you with your problem.
I am curious tho’ as to what type of information you’re adding/changing in the Test Run name (perhaps Pass/Fail counts?) Changing a Test Run name doesn’t seem like something one would do very often, and to do it via the API seems even more unique, hence my curiosity.


Hi Dan, in my question I have stated that I am changing/editing the description field of the test run using Testrail API. I am not changing any names.


Sorry, I didn’t read carefully enough . . . . but my question applies even more so now that it’s the Description you are changing (vs. the Test Run’s name). What is the use case (and I’ll understand if you don’t want to reveal the motivation )?


Sorry, I cannot go into details with the use case, except I am editing test run with Testrail API. I am still waiting for an official reply here. It seems that there is a bug here that updating test run fields will remove all test cases from a test run.


Hi there,

Thanks for the post. I’ve run some tests and haven’t been able to successfully replicate the issue you’re encountering here. I was able to use the update_run method to change the description of an active run and all test cases and recorded results were still present once the update finished.

I’d like to get a bit more information about what’s going on here if possible. Please reach out to us at with any specifics about the test run and the details of the API call you’re using to update it. This will help us determine what is happening and assist with getting your script working properly.

Regarding your second question about case IDs in the get_run details, once a test case is added to a run it gets a run specific ID as a “test.” The run details would feature a list of these test IDs, but they don’t correlate directly to the test case information. If you’d like to get specific details about the cases in a test run, there is a separate method you can use: get_tests.

I hope that clarifies things a bit and we’ll be on the lookout for your email.



Thanks for the reply. After taking a much closer look, it looks like it’s a scripting error on my end.