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Test Cases Corrupted


Recently a few of my test cases which were previously formatted perfectly have become corrupted in some way.

They are no longer constricted by the borders of the page, and their font seems to have shifted to something along the lines of Courier. It wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t leave their spacing, but random spacing before every step and expected has destroyed visibility on some test cases.

Attached is an example of what one of the cases looked like vs. how it looks now. There are no UI Scripts running on these pages, nothing changed with the formatting at all.
Each form entry on the test case page is now preceded by 6-10 whitespace marks. Some of the test cases go off the page by ridiculously large amounts of space. Deleting these spaces before each step/expected returns the formatting back to normal.

Here’s an image of a test case before it happened. All of the steps and expected are within their prospective borders:

And here’s the same case a few days later without changing anything:

Is there a specific reason that this happened? Is this related to upgrading to testrails 3.0? Is there a way to fix all of them without going into every individual case and removing the leading spaces?

I tried exporting and importing the cases just as a test, and it yielded no results.



Hello Zerhynn,

Thanks for your posting. Could it be that you’ve changed the custom field configuration for the steps field from Plain Text to Markdown? I’m asking as Markdown interprets the spaces special (it displays this as a code block with a different font) and the Plain Text format would ignore spaces. The spaces may have been imported when you migrated your test cases to TestRail.



Hi Tobias,

I just checked and it changed itself to Markdown. Changing it back to plain text fixed the issue. It may have just altered itself when we did our upgrade.



Good to hear that it works again! Please note that TestRail doesn’t change this setting by itself so it’s more likely that one of your TestRail administrator changed this but it’s great to hear that changing this back did the trick.