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Test Cases by Reference


I am currently using testrails to track and manage a large regression test suite. An issue I am running into is that our application allows users to perform the same action from multiple pages. If there is a slight enhancement to one of these workflows, it affects all of the pages. Each page can pass in different input parameters but the workflow itself is very similar. It is much more logical for us to organize our test cases by page rather than action.

What I’m getting at, is there a way to link test cases together or create a hierarchy of test cases? For instance, these 30 test cases have the same “steps” and updating one of the test cases updates all of them. Or the idea of a “master” test case, where updating the master will percolate the change to all of the children test cases.

Currently I have each group of pages in separate test suites, but if I could accomplish this hierarchy of tests, I wouldn’t be opposed to adding them all to one test suite.

Thank you for your help.
-Ross Kaplan


Hi Ross,

Thanks for your post! There isn’t a master test case or linking system for propagating changes across multiple test cases when making a change to just the master. In regards to a hierarchy system, you can already use sections and subsections to create a hierarchy of test cases in your test case repository. If your test cases are grouped this way, you could then just use the bulk edit feature (to quickly select a section or the specifically related test cases) and update these in bulk:

This might be the best option to use as you could quickly edit these. You can also create custom fields to help with tagging/organizing any given test case and this would allow you to quickly create a filter for bulk editing test cases when needed. Hope this helps!