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Test Cases and Automation

When I make a new Testrun it makes copies of the test cases for each run but I was wondering if there was a way to have it just reference the exact test case each time

when it makes copies it sort of complicates what we want to do with the api

What would happen if the original test case was removed/deleted? The entire point of making a copy is to keep the run history 100% separate from the original test case and keep an audit trail of all of the test cases tested - even if the original test case is deleted.

Thanks for the input. We havent tried that as of yet… My automation developer was asking me this. I know they keep copies for audit purposes. Part of the lure of TestRail. So he is working on his API some more. I was seeing if anyone had encountered this and had a quick solution to it or a workaround on what they did.

I guess the question is what are you doing that would be fixed by having a reference only? Without that information I am not sure anyone can give you a good response.