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Test case work flow

Hello, we have been using testrail for 2 months to test web applications, and we have some doubts.

  • What is the flow of a Test Case? especially when the test is failed. When we test that case again, we create a new test plan to do the test again, to which we have integration with Jira, and for each issue in Jira we create a test plan. The problem is what to do with the original test plans, which were initially failed. If we go back to them to pass the failed ones, it will register more time than actually used. And if we do not pass them, there will be many failed case tests that are solved in new test plans, and as a result we lose the current and real state of the milestone, since errors will appear that have been solved, but it has not been changed the result.

Another question is the utility of “Rerun”, for which real cases can this option be used?

Thank you