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Test case view filtered (milestones + obsolete status)


Hi guys,

We are continuously reviewing our test case suite from one release (milestone) to another. When we look for test cases in a test case suite, it also includes test cases that are obsolete but we want to keep for retesting an old version.

As an example, let’s say we have 4 milestones: 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0. We created a test suite with 100 test cases. A fifth of it has the milestone 2.0, another fifth 2.1, another fifth 2.2, another fifth 3.0 and the rest has no milestone.

When we are browsing the test suite AND when we are selecting test cases in a test run, it would be nice to filter test cases for a particular milestone range. For example, show only the test cases applying to milestone 2.1 (included) through 2.2 (included). You could even set those as favorites so you can have filters ready to adapt your test case view. This view would also require that a final milestone can be set in a test case or even better a checkbox list of applicable milestones for a test case.

Or if we could have at least a way of “flagging” obsolete test cases so they do not show by default in the selection, that would be great.

I would be glad to hear your thoughts on those suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your great support.


Hello Louis,

Thanks for your posting and feedback. TestRail’s next update (planned for later this month) will allow you to filter the test cases for the selection in runs and plans based on filters. So you will be able to filter your cases based on the Milestone field, or you could add a separate checkbox field to your cases to mark cases as obsolete.

It won’t be possible to filter the cases on the test suite page this way for now (you will be able to group/sort cases though), but you will be able to add additional columns to the test suite to view the milestone and/or obsolete flag.

I hope this helps.



It would be nice if the obsolete test case title is is strikethrough , or something that stands it out.